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A Diabetic’s Dream Come True

Shirley Wiseman

“About a year ago I tried healthy chocolate. I had high cholesterol and my numbers went drastically down within a few weeks of eating healthy chocolate daily. In addition, I was suffering from hot flashes, which quickly went away too. My husband has seen improvement in many areas as well. He crushed his foot, and we were under close supervision because he is a diabetic. The doctor had told us to watch for worsening circulation. Needless to say, his circulation improved, and the neuropathy from being a diabetic also went away.”

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Improved Mood and Energy with Healthy Chocolate

Lynda Malka

“At the tender age of 11, my younger daughter was diagnosed with depression. She reluctantly agreed to take her medication as her symptoms worsened. Over the next several years my daughter essentially disappeared from life. The real breakthrough came when we were introduced to healthy chocolate. We were told the antioxidants in the chocolate would help my daughter’s mood and energy levels. Eating healthy chocolate helped my daughter gradually improve and today she is happier and has more energy. Thanks to healthy chocolate, I have my daughter back.”

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Cardio / Heart

No More High Cholesterol

Dan Taflinger

“In January 2009, I had a blood test for my cholesterol. As a result, my doctor put me on all kinds of medication. I was also 212 pounds. I started eating healthy chocolate regularly and then went back for another test in July. To my surprise, my test results came back better than they were before. In December the results were even better. My cholesterol had dropped to numbers unseen for more than 15 years. I now weigh 198 pounds and have lowered all of my blood counts. The only difference in my lifestyle has been consuming healthy chocolate.”

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Weight Loss

Losing Weight and Feeling Great

Dick Mink

“I am 51 years old and have been overweight for most of my life. In October 2008, I weighed 376 pounds and had been on the couch for years. I was taking massive amounts of pain pills just to get through each workday. Then I was introduced to healthy chocolate, which is raw, unprocessed, cold-pressed chocolate. I laughed at the notion of healthy chocolate and dismissed it. Two and a half years later and over 140 pounds lighter, I have now ridden in several 60-mile bike rides and one 75-mile ride. This chocolate thing works. My advice is getting healthy chocolate in your system and keeping it in your system. It can change your life.”

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Healthy Chocolate Shake Leads to Weight Loss

LaRue Johnson

“In 1997, I started experiencing irritable bowel symptoms. At first there were occasional flare-ups of diarrhea and cramping. Over the years the attacks got more and more frequent until I had to stop eating during the day. I couldn’t risk having an attack while I was teaching school. There was no pattern or definite trigger. In October 2009, I was introduced to healthy chocolate. As I started on the product my irritable bowel attacks became less frequent, and I finally felt like I was getting some relief. The attacks went from daily to weekly, but the real benefits surfaced in June 2010 when I began using a healthy chocolate protein weight-loss shake and lost 29 pounds in 12 weeks. I haven’t felt this good, this nourished, or this healthy in many years. Being able to run hard and play is a great gift to my kids and me. These products have given me my life back.”

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Healthy Chocolate Weight Loss

Mary Evelyn Kimbro

“Before I was introduced to the benefits of healthy chocolate, I was fat. At just 5’ 3”, I weighed 185 pounds and had a waist circumference of 40”.  After so many years I wasn’t sure if there was anything I could do about it. The answer for me came in the form of a healthy chocolate protein shake. Starting was easy.  I replaced two meals a day with the shake, drank plenty of water, got at least seven hours of sleep each night and ate a sensible meal and healthy snacks. For exercise, I made it a priority to walk a total of five miles throughout the day. Now I have shed 41 pounds and am down over eight inches in my waist. I was 44, fat and frumpy.  Now, I am 45, fit and fabulous!”

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Respiratory Problems Stifled by Healthy Chocolate

Shirley McQuiston

“I have been plagued with asthma, wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath, allergies and hay fever all my life. Asthma is a common disorder in which inflammation of the bronchial tubes makes them swell, narrowing the airways. The lack of oxygen can lead to many problems, including instant death. Having used prescribed inhalers for years, I also had to use many other allergy and sinus drugs and headache medications.

“After consuming healthy chocolate products three to six times a day for nearly three weeks, I was breathing much better than I had in a very long time. One day I thought I would try not using any medication to see how long it would take before I started having breathing problems. It’s now been three years since I used medication. I continue to consume healthy chocolate daily and have no more sinus or allergy problems.”

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Mobility / Arthritis / Joint Pain

Healthy Chocolate Relieves Arthritis, Prolongs Career

David Maile

“I have been practicing massage therapy for over 20 years in the state of Florida. During this time I developed arthritis in the joints of my fingers. After suffering for years with this disease, I contemplated the idea of retiring from this profession in 2010. Luckily, some friends convinced me to try a healthy chocolate supplement and see if it would help. I was very skeptical at first but decided I had nothing to lose. I had been trying all kinds of salves, ointments, nutritional products, which cost thousands of dollars. The results I experienced were truly remarkable – within 3-5 days 90-95% of the pain in my hands was alleviated. I started my own studies with my patients to see if the results could be repeated. My patients have responded to healthy chocolate as well. I have also experienced other physical benefits from the product line and encourage every patient to eat the Healthy Chocolates.”

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Improved Mobility and Flexibility

Gale Wong

“Four years ago, I was introduced to healthy chocolate by my chiropractor. She had been helping me with knee and joint issues stemming from my years of riding and working with horses. She suggested the chocolate would help with inflammation. I started eating it three times a day and noticed a huge improvement in my mobility and flexibility. Surprisingly, I also lost two dress sizes within six months, just substituting the healthy chocolate for other chocolate that had been a part of my daily life for so many years. Little did I know the introduction of a healthy chocolate protein shake would dramatically change my life even more. I have since lost 111 pounds, have boundless energy and my skin looks years younger. I wake up each morning feeling great, with no stiffness climbing out of bed, and with less aches and pains than I had when I was 30.”

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Alleviating Joint Pain

Rod Anderson

“After a month of eating health chocolate I noticed that the tendonitis in my knee and elbow was feeling better. I tried working out again and, miraculously, the tendonitis was for all practical purposes gone. I had been having chronic neck pain as well, but that decreased to the point where months go by where I do not have to take pain medication. What a scrumptious way to get healthy and feel better.”

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Immune Function

A Healthy Chocolate Solution to Joint Pain and Dizziness

Dana Alsop

“I was introduced to healthy chocolate in August of 2008. I have had Systemic Lupus (SLE), which is an autoimmune disease, for 12 years. I tried all kinds of holistic methods to feel better but nothing seemed to work. I could not go a day without napping, joint pain or dizziness. I was encouraged to add more medications to find relief. I am happy to say that consuming healthy chocolate daily has changed my life completely. I am now off of five medications, and I feel better than I have in 12 years. I am able to keep up with life better than when I was in my 20s thanks to the extreme health benefits of healthy chocolate.”

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Skin Crisis Averted with Healthy Chocolate

Gail Goles

“I have always enjoyed a beautiful complexion and all through high school and college I never had to worry about any skin problems. Then in 2005, I started to have chronic sores on my thumbs and palms and it eventually spread to my index fingers. I discovered after a couple of months that the bottom of my feet had also started to become dry and very brittle with sores that would not heal. It was likely severe psoriasis or eczema. I went to my doctor and he prescribed an oral antibiotic and sent me off. The problem got worse. Fast forward several years and I still had the sores.

“Not long ago, I was introduced to healthy chocolate, and I started eating it three times a day. After two weeks I was driving to work and looked down and my hands were almost completely healed. I arrived at my job and took a look at my feet to discover that my feet were also improving. My hands and feet are now completely free of sores, and I did go back to my dermatologist and told him about my story. He had no response. My doctor told me I would have to live with this condition for the rest of my life, but thanks to healthy chocolate, I won’t have to.”

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